Hide And Seek


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'Matilin' announces 'Hide And Seek' following last single 'Cold Ground', 'Let's dance together at my funeral'. The helplessness and sadness laid down in his music goes through this single.
People want to be loved. By loving, you will be recognized and relieved of your being. To someone it may be self, others, a puppy in the house, or an inanimate object. But when it feels that there is no more to love herself with her, she becomes depressed and depressed by fear of being denied her existence. Matilin speaks in a helpless monologue of the fear of being left alone if he has felt it once. He is immersed in a lonely feeling, and barely breathe under the water. The sound of the help is heard only in the ear hole without knowing it is heard over there. Find me, the cry for rescue is repeated from beginning to end of the song without any relief. It revolves around in a shape that is not as tall as it is.
The cry for me to say, "I," losing confidence in your being because you are not already loved, will be blurred. Repeated Finger Snap sounds throughout an empty song are like a second hand on a clock or a heartbeat. It is this irritability, helplessness that does not know how long the sorrow will continue. It is spread to the listener and filled with bitter feelings familiar to each person. Those who have heard and heard here come to sympathize with the cry of Matilin and become companions of undeserved emotions. Matilin is acknowledged for his presence by the listener, and the learner is empathized with loneliness by Matilin. The sadness of the singer is sublimated into another love by the empathy of the singer.
If you are now listening to the song 'Matilin', it means that you love Matilin, and Matilin loves you.


Hide from the sight I found this fear
Bottom of the ground standing underneath the moonlight
Eyes are in my head messing up this night
Every single seconds I'm seeking for the sunlight

Can you find me a little bit more
Can you hold me a little bit tighter

Looking at the sky and the dawn is coming up
Looking at the mirror and staring at myself
Pouring water on my body hope it washes off the dirt
The day's getting bright I'm staying in the night

Can you find me a little bit more
Can you hold me a little bit tighter

Water's flowing on the floor I am hanging in the winds
Smile to keep the times and wishing someone saves me
I can hear the people's laughter, crying out louder
To someone in this night can figure me out

Can you find me a little bit more
Can you hold me a little bit tighter


released November 23, 2016

Lyrics & Composed by Matilyn
Arranged by Matilyn
Voice, Synthesizer, Programing by Matilyn
Guitar by 김창균
Recorded by 윌피디(@WILLOW MUSIC)
Mix & Master by 윌피디
Artwork designed by 김지나



all rights reserved


MATILYN South Korea

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